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Where a well groomed beaver
is a Pink Beaver

Two Great locations

333 East Grand Ave Loft #111
Des Moines , Iowa  

344 Sunland Dr
St George , Utah

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"Kim is amazing!!! She's SO fast, clean, and she provided me with alllll of the knowledge I needed. I was sooo nervous coming in as a first timer but I can't wait to go back and see her next time. She had me done in right over 3 min! My mind is blown!! ALSO, cutest place ever!"

Olivia T.

"RUN HERE! IMMEDIATELY. I could only get about 2 swear words in before I realized it was over 🤪😂...... maybe 10 minutes with her pep talk. Lol. Truly can’t wait to go back!"

Abbey A.

"Five stars right here! Kim made my very first wax so easy and comfortable. She is quick, efficient, and so knowledgeable! I highly recommend Kim at The Pink Beaver for all your waxing needs."

Calla P.